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Kimberly Blessing

How do you define/defy "best practice"?

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Cross-posted from The Circle of Standards:

Since the practice of setting and managing standards is as much a management concern as it is a technical concern, I spend time reading a number of business blogs. The HBR Voices blog is full of important management insights.

A recent blog post, How Are You Defying "Best Practice"?, was particularly insightful. Although the article was referring to business and management best practices, it just as easily could have been about design and code best practices.

The only difference is that, while the business world has well-documented and well-established best practices (most commonly taught in MBA programs worldwide), the Web design and development world doesn't yet have that common set of agreed-upon best practices. What one designer or developer considers a best practice may be contrary to what another one believes.

This leads me to the question of how do you define what is an industry best practice? And, how do you defy those best practices, if at all?

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