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Kimberly Blessing

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2 min read

So, I've redesigned my site. The old design was up for over a year, and I got many interesting comments about its "pinkness" -- funny, because to me it was mostly black text on a white background (with various hues of magenta for accent) -- but that's how people saw it. I guess it did serve to communicate that I have no problem with being seen as "girly" in the world of tech, but I didn't set out to make any particular statement by it. (My apologies to anyone who's disappointed by that statement, but I've got to be honest.)

This new design -- or the color scheme, I should clarify -- is very close to my heart. It's the same set of colors I used to paint my house in North Dakota, and since that house is being put up for sale, I wanted some way of remembering it. Plus, I knew I wanted swirly things in a new design. It didn't all come out exactly as I had imagined, but with tweaking over time it just might get there. The code certainly could use some work -- I made a number of design changes in the process of putting things together and the code reflects that bit of schizophrenia.

Despite all of that, I'm happy to see something new. The start of a new year, after all, is all about getting a fresh start, right? Comments on the design are welcome.