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Kimberly Blessing

Already kicking ass in 2008

1 min read

I'm very honored to be featured as Christopher Schmitt's first interview of the year. Christoper is a stand-up guy, a great designer, and prolific author. We had a good chat about work and non-work stuff, and you can read the whole thing here!

And just in case you didn't notice, the line-ups for the 2008 An Event Apart conferences have been posted. Eric and Jeffrey asked me to speak to the Boston crown on June 23-24, and how could I say no? I had such a good time last year in San Francisco and it seems about time to take my message to the East Coast.

Wow, we're only eight days into the year... how am I ever going to keep up this level of ass-kicking for the remaining 358 days? Whewh!